Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How do I sign up?

There is no sign up procedure!  Simples.

The challenge begins automatically on 23 March 2023 and ends at the sunset before Eid Al-Fitr 2023 (likely 22 April 2023, but to be confirmed). 

You will therefore have either 29 or 30 days to complete the distance.  

The date isn't fixed in advance as the Islamic calendar is a lunar (rather than solar) calendar and is based on monthly cycles of the moon's stages.

Q2: Do I have to be Muslim to participate?

The Fasted 500 is primarily aimed at Muslims who observe the month of Ramadan which, in essence, involves those in good health abstaining from food and drink between the hours of sunrise and sunset for a period of 29 or 30 days.

If you aren't Muslim but otherwise fulfil that criteria then you're welcome to join in but please carefully consider our health recommendations contained in the 'About' page and 'Health Recommendations' page of this website.  

Finally, if you aren't Muslim and Ramadan isn't your cup of tea then you can still help support the Fasted 500!  Scroll down to Q10 below to see how.

Q3. Doesn't this initiative detract from worshipful acts which should be our focus in Ramadan?

Not at all!  Exercise and worship aren't mutually exclusive and digging our graves with our spoons with poor dietary and lifestyle choices certainly isn't taqwa.  Most of us are likely to have at least one hour each day or night during Ramadan which we can dedicate to leisure and exercise.

A casual cyclist who rides for one hour each day during Ramadan at a pace of 17km/h should, with some determination and Allah's grace, be able to complete the Fasted 500.

Finally, it is worth familiarising ourselves with the words of our Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace): "Your body has a right over you...".

Q4: I don't feel up for riding during the day in Ramadan.  May I ride after iftar instead?

Yes.  But remember your lights, helmet and high-viz. 

Q5: 500 kilometres or miles?

500 kilometres (about 310 miles).

Q6: Do I submit my Komoot or Strava entries to you?

No.  By purchasing the Roundel from our online store, you're self-certifying that you've completed the challenge and adhered to the rules.  

Q7: How shall I keep track of my distance throughout the month?

A pen and paper!  Or a GPS device such as a Garmin or Wahoo if you have one.

Q8: You'll send me the Roundel free of charge, like Rapha, right?

No, sorry!  Once you've completed the challenge, you will be eligible to purchase the Roundel from our online shop towards the end of Ramadan.

The price is £4 plus £1 shipping within the UK.  Overseas postage is a bit more.

Q9: Do indoor rides on my turbo trainer count?

Yes.  The aim is to make this accessible to as many Muslims as possible.

Q10: I'm not Muslim and Ramadan isn't my cup of tea.  I do however wish to support the Fasted 500.  How may I do that? 

First, thank you!  *virtual fist bump*

The day after Eid, once those among our community who have completed the Fasted 500 challenge have purchased their roundels, the floor is open to anyone else who wants in on some roundel action!

Q11: Those Roundels.  When will they be available to purchase?

They will be available to purchase from the first day of Ramadan. 

Q12: The Muslim diaspora in the UK varies culturally.  One of the consequences of this is different approaches to moon sighting.  As you know, Muslims in the UK may not all start Ramadan on the same day and may even celebrate Eid one day apart, depending on their individual or community's moon-sighting methodology.  How will you decide when to start and end this challenge?

Ha!  Great question.  The short answer is that we will go with the majority of Muslims in the UK.  If that means following Saudi then so be it.  For the purpose of this challenge, we're keen to keep things simple.  

Q13: I have a question that you haven't answered!

Please first check the 'About' page of this website and then the 'Shop' page.  If neither of those pages answer your question, please drop us a message via the 'Contact us' page.  Thank you!


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