Image of Fasted 500 Roundel

Fasted 500 Roundel


Here’s your chance to claim your well-deserved roundel to commemorate your completion of the inaugural Fasted 500! What’s more, all profits will be donated to the trailblazing initiative @cyclingsistersbristol who are doing some great stuff to promote cycling amongst marginalised communities.

You're purchasing the roundel only. The other items photographed are for aesthetic purposes only and aren't included, obviously.

Remember, good habits shouldn't end when Ramadan does. If you've managed 500kms in Ramadan, imagine how many you can clock up in Shawwal and beyond!

If you need extra encouragement, remind yourself of the words of our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who, in a rigorously authenticated Hadith reported by Imam Muslim, said:

“The believer who is strong is better and more beloved to Allah than the believer who is weak, while there is good in each”. And, when asked "Who is the best of men?" answered, "He whose life is long and works are good."

Orders will be dispatched within 5 Business Days. Postage within the UK will be via Royal Mail 2nd Class, so will take a few days to arrive. There will be no tracking number and you won't need to sign for it.

Postage outside of the UK will be via small international letter, and will likely take a week or two to arrive (depending on where you are). There will be no tracking number and you won't need to sign for it.

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